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Could you be a hidden diabetic?

During ancient times, physicians waited to see if flies were attracted to the patient's urine or tasted it to determine if sugar was present. That crude method could only detect advanced cases of diabetes. By the late 1800's, chemical tests could detect the presence of sugar in urine or measure the amount of sugar in blood. Today, a test of the amount of sugar in a person's blood is routinely done after an overnight fast as part of an annual examination. This routine test will be abnormal if someone is in the later stages of diabetes. However, it may remain perfectly normal for many years, as someone is going down the path to full-blown diabetes. During these earlier stages, (which might be called pre-diabetes, borderline diabetes, or metabolic syndrome) a person with abnormally high blood sugar is still able to bring it down during an overnight fast. During this period, damage is still being done. Instead of waiting until you reach this stage, you should know there are more sensitive tests your health care provider can do. If you are concerned about early stages of diabetes, ask your physician to check these additional tests as part of a routine check-up or health screening. Ask yourself the questions below first. These may be tip-offs to your diabetes risk:
If you answered yes to any of these you might be at increased risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes or already in it's early stages. Fortunately, your health care provider can order a simple and inexpensive tests. This is called the hemoglobin A1C test or sometimes called the glycoscylated hemoglobin test or simply the A1C. He or she might also add a more complex test called a glucose tolerance test. If either of these tests show abnormal results, you will be able to take action before serious harm occurs.

See our video on the progression of diabetes to learn more about this topic.

Books and course
Our books and course can show you how to reverse the course of your Type 2 Diabetes or Prediabetes.

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