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Are you a Recovering Type 2 Diabetic?


We believe that a Recovering Diabetic is anyone who has brought their Type 2 Diabetes under control by understanding and managing their diet. If you have reversed abnormal test values, reduced your risks, improved your health, while eliminating or greatly reducing your need for medication, your story can help others. Please help others by sharing you story, insight, and experience. Let us know whether you would like your story kept private, or if we post it, can we provide identifying information such as first name and city? Would you be willing to give us a short video or include your picture if we post it? Whether you have used our techniques or some other methods, it could still be helpful to others, so let us know.

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If you are diabetic and would like to be a Recovering Diabetic:
- click here to find videos by people who succeeded
or here to get our book Diabetes Recovery to understand more.

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** Diabetes is a serious disease. This website can not and is not intended to provide individual medical advice. If you are currently using any form of diabetic medication, significant dietary change may necessitate modification or discontinuation of your medication schedule. Consult a qualified medical practitioner for individual direction and medical advice. **