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Is your diabetes reversible?

If your Type 2 Diabetes is then
in its earliest stages, you have not been started on any medication and your fasting blood sugar is still considered normal, or if you are prediabetic you should be able to completely reverse diabetes using the right type of diet.
newly diagnosed, you have started a single medication other than insulin and you are using home monitoring your problem is still likely to be from insulin resistance. Your chances of completely reversing your diabetes without medication are still excellent if you follow the right type of diet and stick to it
you have been diabetic for some time, you are on multiple medications and your A1C is far from perfect your diabetes is primarily from insulin resistance, but you may have a more complex picture. You still should be able to completely control your diabetes, provided you continue to use your glucose monitoring and follow the right diet. You should be able to discontinue most of your medication on your physician's advice but may still need a small dose of a medication such as Metformin.
you are using a combination of oral medications, insulin in large doses, and possibly other injectable medication. Your A1C is still poor. whether or not your diabetes can be totally controlled through the right type of diet will depend on whether it has progressed to significant pancreatic damage. You should try dietary change while eliminating most medications and insulin under close supervision of your health care provider. You will need to work with your physician to determine if some medication or insulin is still needed, and what the dose should be, using care to avoid hypoglycemic episodes. Your physician may order special tests to determine how well you can produce insulin on your own.

What is the right diet for controlling type 2 diabetes?

See our video on the progression of diabetes to learn more about this topic.

Books and course
Our books and course can show you how to reverse the course of your Type 2 Diabetes or Prediabetes.

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Diabetes is a serious disease. This website can not and is not intended to provide individual medical advice. Dietary change necessitates modification or discontinuation of your diabetic medication schedule. Consult a qualified medical practitioner for individual direction and medical advice.
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